Wicked Pickles

Quick Update 01/15/2008

Just a quick note to say that Old Fashioned Education is working wonderfully so far.  Chip is complaining that there is no free reading time.  We tried to point out that when he gets his work done THAT is his free reading time.  My hope is he will start to embrace the living books and classics set forth in this curriculum.  I wish I had found this when we first started homeschooling, things would be VERY different now if I had. 

Tomorrow night Cool is working his second job so the kids and I are going to have a pancake picnic.  IF they get their work done and behave during the day we will watch Wife Swap.  If they don't we will probably read aloud.  Either way we win.

We decided the begining of the week to switch piano teachers.  I had to tell our teenage piano teacher that we were not coming back.  She was very gracious and even offered to talk to the other teacher about the kids progress.  I felt so bad.  I almost cried.  In the long run it will save me about 5 hours a week in sitting and excess running to and fro.  I know the kids LOVE their new teacher, I just hope the teacher/student relationship doesn't get between them.

All in all, besides being depressed about winter and worried about Cool, it has been a great start to the week.  I really want to get back on and blog more but where does the time come from?