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Diwali 01/03/2008

Sweet and I are doing a mini unit on New Year traditions in different cultures.  Jan. 2 we studied Diwali.  Diwali is the Hindu New Year.  Much of their day is spent trying to get luck or fortune for the next year.

So, Sweet read about Diwali and did a worksheet comparing and contrasting Diwali with our New Year celebrations.  We then worked together on filling out an India map using clues to place cities, bodies of water and surrounding countries.  I read about Gandhi to her.  She found it very interesting that India became an independent country on Grandpickle T's 1st birthday...lol.

We then talked about luck.  I said, "you got a letter!"  She said, "from who???"  Well as we were talking I jotted down a letter to her and wrote an assignment to go with it.  She laughed and laughed.  This is why I homeschool. 

Dear Sweet,

I am very unlucky today.  As I was crossing the street a bus almost hit me, a bird pooped on my head, I flunked a test and my mom is making my least favortie food of all time---LIVER AND ONIONS!  YUCK!

Your friend,

Pessi Mystic

Sweets assignment was:  write a letter back to Pessi telling her that in fact she IS lucky and why.  Convince her, make her believe!

Dear Pessi,

You are too lucky.  Some people have to eat raw meat, live on the street, have no clothes, have no money and have birds poop on their head everyday.  How lucky are you compared to that?

Your friend,


I think she accomplished the task!

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