Ice Storm (2-07) 12/16/2007

A winter storm came through the area this past weekend. It was more of an ice storm than anything. We had an inch of ice on EVERYTHING. The town is a mess. There are trees down, electric poles down and no electricity for thousands upon thousands of customers. We lost electricity at about 11:00 Saturday morning and got it back at 6:30 Sunday night. We were lucky. All of the towns and farms around us do NOT have electricity and are not expected to have electricity for up to 10 days. Yes, we were lucky! When the windows started looking like this and the electricity had been off for a while, we snuggled in my bed and took turns reading stories to each other. The picklets were happy to have daddy read to them.

Cool and I decided to go out and clean up some of the brush that had fallen from the trees in the yard. Upon opening the door we saw at least 3/4 of an inch of ice covering the grass and sidewalk.

It covered the outside toy box.

The basketball hoop.

The solar lights.

And was plain beautiful.

After coming in, the picklets made deviled eggs by candlelight.

And finished up the president's Day file folder (by candlelight).

It was down to 55 by bedtime and so the picklets snuggled down on the floor and slept in the living room. Camping at it's finest!




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