Scrap Paper 01/26/2008

In my last post I mentioned we are trying the Old Fashioned Education for a while to see if it works.  That requires a boat load of printing.  Since most of the books are free from the internet and I don't think the kids really want to read a computer all day, that means I need to print. 

My mom brings us scrap paper from work.  Usually it is for the kids arts and crafts projects, paper airplanes, that sort of thing.  But, when I saw how much printing this new system was going to take, I dug out the scrap paper.  We have two full boxes of it in the big loss.

Since the paper is printed on one side I have to go through each paper and make sure the print side is up.  It takes a bit of time but the treasures I have been finding are wonderful.  I found a Christmas letter my mom wrote the family from 2002.  Sweet was only 4 years old and the boys were in <<eeeeghadzzzzz>> public school.  I also found this little poem.  I thought it was very nice and wanted to share. 


When you are sad...I will dry your tears.
When you are scared...I will comfort your fears.
When you are worried...I will give you hope.
When your are confused...I will help you cope
When you are lost...And can't see the light,
I shall be your beacon...Shining ever so bright.
This is my oat...I pledge till the end.
Why you may ask?
Because you're my friend.

Signed:  GOD




Sun, 27 Jan 2008 00:03:15

I hope you have a laser printer so printing is cheap! I've looked at this before and it's nice, but I don't have the patience to print. I think if I had more than one child, I'd be more willing to go for it.

Lovely poem.


Wed, 25 Nov 2009 19:38:54

Recycling the paper is a good idea. And what a find! You rarely see poetry in used sheets of paper.

Making paper airplanes is also a good idea. It can teach kids about aerodynamics and they're fun to fold and fly too. And since you're using recycled paper, they don't even cost a thing.

You can find instructions with videos on how to fold 50 different paper aiplanes here:


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