Wicked Pickles

Weather: Clouds 12/27/2007

We have finally finished up with clouds. We have talked about, looked at, researched and read about clouds till they are coming out our ears. OMG...as pretty as I think the sky is, and I am a sky person, I am tired of learning about clouds. BUT...here is the rest of what we have done.

The picklets have made a cloud lapbook. We took color copies of different clouds, printed out the cloud meanings, matched them up and glued them on. They aren't fancy nor pretty to look at, but will be a help when the picklets want to identify different clouds in the future.

Out of cottonballs and blue construction paper different cloud formations were made. Each picklet picked four of their favorite clouds and thus the cloud formation poster were made.

Talked about why the sky is blue. Did an experiment (can't remember the name of it) with a glass of water, a drop of milk and a flashlight. With the light shining through the milky water we could actually see the bluish tint.

Did an experiemnet with cottonballs to see if all clouds held the same amount of raindrops. In this experiment the picklets took 5 cottonballs. While one held the cotton ball, another one dripped water onto 1 by 1 and the other counted. We found that all clouds (at least all cotton balls) are NOT alike.

We also "made" a cloud. We took a jar of water, topped it with saran wrap and put ice cubes on the saran wrap. The outcome was condensation on the inside of the jar thus making it look like there was a cloud.



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