I decided last minute that we would make a president lapbook to honor President's Day. When I say last minute, I mean I was printing off the pictures at 9:00 yesterday morning. It went rather well, the picklets love American history and that helps alot.


I found the pictures and facts I wanted to us at The Presidents. Each picture has their signature, term dates, party and what number president they were.


Underneath each picture is an overview (also found at above site) about each presidency. The overview is folded into 3rds. On the left side is the age at which the president died. On the right side is the age the president would be today. When unfolded, we can read about the president.


On the front of the lapbook we put a color picture of all the presidents. On the back we put some crazy facts about each presient and the oath of office.


While making the lapbook, we tallied up what state each president was from.  After completing our tally marks, the picklets filled out the worksheets found at "Where Did They Come From?".  The picklets each sent their daddy a post card from Blackdog's partiotic postcards. I don't know if Cool really enjoys getting these greetings from the picklets but I do know the picklets really enjoy sending them to him.

During lunch we all gathered around the computer and listened to Plain Mr. President. I suggest signing up for these emails if you haven't already. Homeschool Radio programs are just wonderful!


The picklets baked a Washington Cake for dessert. The instructions say to have it taste more like it did when Washington lived to use some wholewheat flour, rye flour and even corn meal. I didn't have rye flour but whole wheat and corn meal was used. The cake was very dense and could have been baked longer, but it had good taste.

The picklets each became "President for a Day". After filling out the application, I "swore" them into office and they went through a series of decision making questions, reading about various presidents during the process. At the end, we printed the newspapaer that detailed their day as president. It was definately the highlight of our mini presidential study!

Once again I snuck real learning in a fun packed day. Subjects included are: history, math, life skills, computers/keyboarding and logic.