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Liliput Station is having an online Christmas Party and I thought I would join the festivities. 

Usually we have the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving.  We usually have presents wrapped and under the tree.  We usually have outside decorations.  We usually have Christmas baking done.  We usually study Christmas traditions.  We are usually in the Christmas Spirit.  This year we're not.  We have been gone from home so much that we aren't sure what residence Santa is going to consider our primary.  That being said, we have wonderful Christmas traditions and I will share what we normally do.

First and foremost, no Christmas would be complete without watching A Christmas Story.  There is something about Ralphie and the "glow of electric sex" that  makes our Christmas complete.  We usually make what we call our "Christmas Story supper" at least twice in the month of Decmeber.  (so far we haven't had it once) 

Our meal consists of my famous meatloaf, my great grandma's red cabbage and apples and real mashed potatos (none of those flaky ones).  We normally watch the movie while we eat.


On Christmas Eve we  make a special batch of cookies just for Santa.  These cookies are frosted and decorated especially for the big guy.  These are left with a glass of eggnog or a cup of hot cocoa.  We have it on good authority that Santa likes marshmallows in the his hot cocoa but they need to be left on the counter for a few days to dry out before adding to the cup.   Carrots and buckets of water are left for the reigndeer.  Some years we make special reigndeer food and sprinkle it on the lawn. 

 One present is opened on Christmas Eve.  This present always consists of a brand new pair of jammies.  Santa letters are left asking for special things.  One year Chip asked for a signed picture.  Santa obligded by leaving a signed pencil drawing by his bed.  Another year sleigh bells were requested.  Santa left three bells with ribbons tied on them on the tree.  We make sure to keep the dream alive.  Even though we know (he really has never said but we know) that Chip knows and think that Spear knows, we keep it alive.  Santa Claus lives in many people, you just need to look.  ;)

Christmas morning brings the early rising.  You know the time.  About 5 minutes to the butt crack of dawn.  I don't normally like getting up that early,  but seeing their excitement brings me out of my stupor to make coffee and grab my camera.  The kids get to open the presents Santa has left for them.  Santa doesn't really wrap so they get to see the presents Santa has left.  They read their little letters Santa usually leaves, the check the cookies, carrots, hot cocoa and water to see how much was really eaten.  They check for reindeer tracks and always beg for daddy to get the ladder out so they can go on the roof and inspect for sleigh tracks.  Daddy usually responds that "ladders and ice don't mix".  Daddy is smart!

Christmas day consists of playing with new items, watching Christmas movies and spending time together.  We usually head to Cool's mom's house on Christmas night for Christmas with his family.  The cousins get to play while the adults chat with each other.  My MIL makes french dips every year for Christmas which are to die for.  We all bring a little something to add to the meal.  A veggie tray, a cookie tray, cheese dip...that kind of thing. 

After leaving there we usually get home late and tell the picklets have to hit the hay.  They are normally tired and ready.

Last year we didn't not go to MIL's house.  It was a very nice day with fried turkey for supper.  After supper we opened up our family gifts as we did not give them earlier in the day.  Cool and I really liked that and would like to keep it a tradition.

This year we are shaking things up a bit.  We are going to MIL's house on Christmas Eve and spending the night.  Chip thinks Grandma will be lonely and nobody should be lonely on Christmas.  Cool and I discussed it, had a family meeting and concluded that Christmas is about family.  Family is what we believe in.  Our life together is based on family first.  So this year we will wake up Christmas morning at Grandma's and open our presents there.  Santa will fill the stocking at Grandma's but will leave the gifts at home.  It will be a Very Merry Christmas I just know it.



Mon, 17 Dec 2007 09:38:04

Sound like alot of fun. The French dip sounded especially good. Now I've got a craving for French dip. ( No I'm NOT pregnant. LOL)Thanks for joining the party. Melissa


Mon, 17 Dec 2007 09:39:42

BTW, email me so I know where to send your copy of the Salvation Army Lapbook. My email address is on my blog.


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