Wicked Pickles


Yesterday was the homeschool associations Skating Party.  Usually I don't take the picklets to the functions put on by the association but Cool and I thought his might be fun. 

Oh baby was it!  The picklets had great time.  For two hours they skated and hung with friends.  Midway through they broke to have cookies and cocoa.  OMG there were these cake ball things that were dipped in dark chocolate.  They were TO DIE FOR!  I couldn't track down the family who brought them but I damn sure plan to.  Ohhhhhh....body shudders...

Here are a couple pictures from the afternoon.  The pictures I took with flash are grainy and look like crap.  The pictures I took without flash are blurry.  I couldn't win.

The Picklets friend H fell.  Sweet and Spear went to help her up and they fell.  Chip missed falling only by "hopping" over the group...LOL.

This is called "scooter skating".  Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy was playing.  Each time the whistle blew the skaters had to squat.  It was alot of fun to see the different types of squats.  They ranged from full squating to bending over to fall on their butts!