In Heat 01/30/2008

One of our dogs and one of our cats is currently in heat.  The cat isn't too big of a deal as she is just a little hussy, sticks her butt in the air,  meows and then hisses. 

But the dog leaves those little droplets all over.  What a pain!  This is how we solve the droplet problem.  Of course we had to buy Spear new wear-wear after this experience but on the bright side we have a supply for next time.  :-D

What an ingenious invention mens undies were.  A trap door for the guys and a tale hole for the dogs.  Cool!


Not sure where I originally found this at as I just found it on my computer while cleaning out files BUT this is us TOTALLY!  Scary isn't it?

Scrap Paper 01/26/2008

In my last post I mentioned we are trying the Old Fashioned Education for a while to see if it works.  That requires a boat load of printing.  Since most of the books are free from the internet and I don't think the kids really want to read a computer all day, that means I need to print. 

My mom brings us scrap paper from work.  Usually it is for the kids arts and crafts projects, paper airplanes, that sort of thing.  But, when I saw how much printing this new system was going to take, I dug out the scrap paper.  We have two full boxes of it in the big loss.

Since the paper is printed on one side I have to go through each paper and make sure the print side is up.  It takes a bit of time but the treasures I have been finding are wonderful.  I found a Christmas letter my mom wrote the family from 2002.  Sweet was only 4 years old and the boys were in <<eeeeghadzzzzz>> public school.  I also found this little poem.  I thought it was very nice and wanted to share. 


When you are sad...I will dry your tears.
When you are scared...I will comfort your fears.
When you are worried...I will give you hope.
When your are confused...I will help you cope
When you are lost...And can't see the light,
I shall be your beacon...Shining ever so bright.
This is my oat...I pledge till the end.
Why you may ask?
Because you're my friend.

Signed:  GOD


This just in...All hell has brooken loose in the Pickle Barrel...details at ten.

OK, that is a slight exaggerate, but things have been a wee bit (mountainously) tense around here.  We are revamping the way we homeschool, making major changes around the house and dealing with some medical issues.  Life has not been fun the past week.  I am hoping things will be better this week.

The kids have been hellions on two feet.  That is not an exaggeration.  It is a fact plain and simple.  They want to rule the roost and took the steps this week to show me they just might be able to over throw the dictatorship we have established.  So, Cool and I had to take steps to bring them back down to earth.  After the kids were sent to bed at 6:30 Friday night, Cool and I deliberated and came up with a punishment/life lesson, Dr Laura style.  I don't know if any of you like Dr. Laura but we love her. (1-8 HUHdred D-R-L-A-U-R-A) We used to listen to her all the time.  Anyway, we took everything they own away with the execption of clothing, school materials, educational books and magazines and the one security item they all still sleep with at night.  The rest of it has been locked up until further notice.  Not only that, they are grounded indefinately.  When they prove to us they can respect us, themselves, the house, their siblings and the rules established, they may then start to regain their posessions and privileges.  No time frame has been given as the trust is going to have to be earned back. Believe me, it will take some time.  It may seem harsh to some, but it is a step we had to take.

With cleaning out their rooms of everything but bookshelves, dressers, desks and beds it got me thinking.  "I really like the way not cluttered looks."  So, I am on a mission.  I am taking one area a day and purging.  It is outta here!  There are things I keep holding on to thinking I will need them sometime but ya know what?  I don't really need them at all.  It is fallacy.  It's outta here!

As for homeschooling, we are taking a different approach.  We have been very relaxed in the past and it has always worked well for us.  We like the freedom that it allowed us.  BUT, after the behavior we have seen spewing forth from our picklets, the fruit of my loin if you will, we have decided a more (dare I say it???) structured way of going about things is necessary.  At least while they are grounded from everything electronic, all outside influences and fun in general.  What better time to cozy up with the classics?  That's what I always say at least.  So, we are going to try the Old Fashioned Education curriculum out.  It is a tad bit on the religious side, but even with that, when we looked at it this weekend, Cool and I were excited.  He actually talked to me about their curriculum.  (alot of you homeschool mom's know just what I am talking about)  So, the decision was made, the papers printed and an Old Fashioned Education will commence in the mornin'. 

That is about all I have to say tonight.  It is 12:37 in the morning and I have to finish binding the work for the week and still be up at 6:00 to make coffee and start Cools car.  I should get a fricken raise!