Wicked Pickles


Thanks to Barb over at Heart of Harmony for providing these great weekly assignments!  The picklets enjoy them so much!  This weeks assignment was to draw your favorite mug. 

Spear drew his favorite Buzz Lightyear mug that I got free from Ocean Spray many moons ago.

Sweet recieved this great princess mug for Christmas.

Chip got this from Sour Pickle T many years ago.  The front features a Norman Rockwell print.

Great job picklets!


Barb's art assignment this past week was to sketch butterflies.  The picklets really have a lot of fun with these weekly sketches. 

Butterfly on Tree

by Chip Pickle

Spear's Butterfly Garden

by Spear Pickle


by Sweet Pickle

© 2007 Wicked Pickles Homeschool




Do you know who posed for American Gothic? It wasn't a loving couple standing in front of their house. It was actually Grant Wood's sister and his dentist. Too funny!

Today the picklets sketched and colored or painted Grant Wood's American Gothic.



The art usually gets hung on the art wall. It has moved areas in the house many times. The art wall is where we hang the picklets handiwork. When family and friends visit they enjoy looking at the picklets creations. Hung up by the picklets paintings are pictures of the Grant Wood original, the name of the painting and the date of it. The picklets then wrote a little blurb telling what they liked best about the painting, the easiest part to paint and the hardest part to paint. They then signed their paintings and their write ups and we hung them up. The little sheets you see hanging above all the work say "Grant Wood", "(1891-1942)", "painter" and "artist". ©2007WickedPicklesHomeschool


Grant Wood (1891-1942) Born and raised in Iowa. An artist who was a proud Iowan and showed the good side of simple living. Though living in different parts of the country and world he returned to his Iowa roots to work as an artist, both personally and professionally.

After reading about Grant Wood, the picklets viewed a gallery of Wood's work. We talked about shading, expression and the oddity of some of his works.

I handed each picklet a copy of one of his pieces and asked them to duplicate it. How do they see it? What changes would they make? I think the final products turned out great. The picklets are not great artists but their hearts are in their work.

For Chip I chose The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. It chose to be a difficult painting as there was so much detail at a distance and it was so dark. Chip was very upset that it didn't turn out the way he wanted it to, but it was a great effort. He is anxious to try another one soon.

Spear does not like art much. He wants to be good at it so much and just can't get the art to turn out the way he wants. He is way more an abstract man. I picked January for him. Basically three colors and easy shapes. Half way through he decided he was done. I think it looks pretty good

Sweet is so easy going. Half way through her painting she said, "I didn't know I was such a good artist." Gotta love that enthusiasim. She is trying and likes her rendition of Haying and that is what counts. 

They will be prominately displayed on our "artwall".