In Heat 01/30/2008

One of our dogs and one of our cats is currently in heat.  The cat isn't too big of a deal as she is just a little hussy, sticks her butt in the air,  meows and then hisses. 

But the dog leaves those little droplets all over.  What a pain!  This is how we solve the droplet problem.  Of course we had to buy Spear new wear-wear after this experience but on the bright side we have a supply for next time.  :-D

What an ingenious invention mens undies were.  A trap door for the guys and a tale hole for the dogs.  Cool!




Thu, 31 Jan 2008 00:01:58

That's clever! My dad used pull-ups for his dog, but he had to cut a hole for the tail. Your way is much easier!


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