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OK, this is originally my FIL’s recipe.  Since his death my MIL has been making this every Christmas.  I have tweaked it, make it a bit easier and heart healthy and make it a couple times of year.  It is definitely a family favorite.

French Dips 
1 chuck or butt roast (very lean, we use deer and it is just as good)
little oil (canola…my FIL did NOT use just  a little)
salt and pepper
beef stock
In a cast iron skillet heat some oil and sear all sides of your salt and peppered roast.  Put seared roast in heated crock-pot.  Add a box or two of organic beef broth.  Cook on low all day.  Remove roast from liquid, chill both until the next day.

Slice chilled roast going against the grain very thinly.  Use a very sharp knife but be very careful.  (My finger is healing from the cut I got last week cutting up the roast)  Put roast in crock-pot, add broth and cook on low all day until ready to serve.

Serve on multigrain hard French rolls that have been toasted on each side.  It is meaexcellent with caramelized onions and peppers on top of the beef with provolonecheese melted on top.   Dip in broth.




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