Wicked Pickles

Happy New Year 12/29/2007

Thought I would share my favorite end of the year song.  Not my video but she did a great job! 

Happy New Year everyone!

New Post 12/26/2007

Nothing major, just some old stuff reposted.  Watch an island be born. http://wickedpickles.weebly.com/3/post/2007/12/watching-an-island-be-born-3-07.html

Winter Holidays 12/22/2007

Solstice and Christmas Blessings from from the Pickle Family.


New post!  Gingerbread House.


5 Minutes for Mom is have another contest kids.  " “Orville Redenbccher popcorn for a year” coupon book, along with a 12 month, 2 at-a-time subscription to Netflix!  They will be giving this away on January 1st!  All you have to do is post a comment at 5 Minutes for Mom , post a comment on your blog and link back to the contest and to Orville.com.  

So cross your fingers, cross your toes, cross your eyes and cross your nose and don't forget to enter the contest! 


Check out the kids Weekly Art Assignments.


Check out my post Joining the Christmas Party.

Welcome 12/16/2007

Welcome to my blog.  Please be patient as I transfer my data to these files.  I will continue to update our daily lives throughout this transfer.

Each tab has differnt adventures of our lives already posted.  Science, art, math...etc...pretty easy, huh?  There are many more yet to be put in.

I will update this main page each time I update the other pages so y'all know what is going on. 

Please grab a cuppa and enjoy the adventures of the Pickle family.  We look forward to getting to know everyone and make some new cyber friends.